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Growing the Game

Coaching ‘Camps’ for Juniors

Junior Spring Tennis Camp

9.00 to 16.30. Tues. 11 April to Thurs. 13 April

Junior Summer Tennis Camp

9.00 to 16.30. Mon. 14 Aug. to Fri. 18 Aug.

Junior Autumn Tennis Camp

9.00 to 16.30. Tues. 24 Oct. to Fri. 28 Oct.

NB – regular players who play on daytime Mon-Wed, please note that just for these weeks the courts will be booked to support this holiday activity. Please contact Andy for further details.

Wednesday Cardio Group

Wednesday Cardio-tennis is going well starting at 9.00 am (just after school start) on Wednesday mornings. Matt Williams is excellent at challenging us each week, mixing exercise with tennis strategy. Great fun and very popular. Do try it