Hanney Tennis Club Annual Tournament 2005

Competition Rules

1) All competitors must make best efforts to play each round by the specified play-by dates. Early contact is essential.

2) The first-named person/team should initiate contact within seven days of receiving these tournament forms.

3) In the event that the second named person or pair does not receive any contact from the first person or pair within 7 days, then they should initiate contact.

4) It is reasonable to offer any opponent a choice of at least three dates and times for play. All parties should make best efforts to play matches in time.

5) All matches are to be the best of three sets. Players can win 2 sets to nil, or 2 sets to 1.

6) In the first two sets, a tie-break is played if the score reaches 6 - 6.

7) If a third (deciding) set is necessary, this will be a long set, without any tiebreak unless the players mutually agree in advance to play a tiebreak at 6 - 6).

8) In event that weather or an injury on court stops play, the players should attempt to continue the match at a later time within the allocated schedule. If this cannot be achieved, the injured player forfeits the match, or if weather was the cause for stoppage, the player in the lead wins the match.

9) Any restarted match should resume at the score when play was terminated, unless the players mutually agree otherwise at the time of match termination.

10) If any player or team has difficulty in contacting or arranging the match before the deadline for the round, or believes an opponent is acting unreasonably or unfairly, or in the event of any dispute or disagreement between players or opponents, please inform the Tournament Organiser.

11) If for any reason a match cannot be played by the specified date, please inform the Tournament Organiser, who will decide if an extension can be given.

12) If a match is unplayed (or not recorded on the Tournament Sheet at the Club, or otherwise informed to the Tournament Organiser) by the date for the end of that round, then the second-named team or player will normally be put through to the next round. The Tournament Organiser's decision is final.

13) All Finals matches will be played on Sunday 17 July at the Club, unless weather prevents this. All players must ensure that they are available on this date.

14) In the event that any winning player becomes unavailable to play on the designated Finals Day, if time and arrangements permit, then their last losing opponent(s) shall proceed in the draw in their place.

15) If Finals Day is postponed because of bad weather, an alternative mutually convenient date will be decided.

16) All players should enjoy the Tournament and have fun. The Tournament Organiser's Yorkie has newly sharpened teeth, and will be unleashed on players who do not enjoy themselves……….

SPECIAL REQUEST: Please play first round mixed doubles as soon as possible. In the spirit of environmental conservation, we are recycling ladies….

Tournament Organiser: Stewart Partridge

Home telephone: (01235) 868732

Work telephone: (01235) 821771

e-mail: stewart.partridge@web-eu.com

Note that in order to read the tournament details you will need Acrobat Reader installed as they are .PDF files.