Floodlight Instructions

Tokens are available from Hanney committee members at a cost of 1 for 20 minutes of light.

Your gate key fits the upper green box in the shelter. Feed the token into the left hand meter for Court 1 near the pavilion and into the right hand meter for Court 2 by the shelter.

Only tokens can be used. DO NOT USE ANY FORCE|

Lights come on quickly from cold - BUT if you do not heed the 3 minute warning lights on the shelter, the lights will go out and will not light up again for a good 10 minutes. This also shortens the bulb life.

PLEASE ENSURE you feed the meter to prevent lights going out before you have finished. There is a display on each meter showing how much time has expired.

At 10.00 p.m. the lights will switch off automatically. We do not have permission to play beyond this time. A courtesy spotlight will illuminate and you have 4 minutes to collect the balls and leave the courts with this light to see by.

Any problems - contact Bob Wilson 868389