Hanney Tennis Club Championships - Roll of Honour

Year Mens Singles Ladies Singles Mixed Doubles Mens Doubles Ladies Doubles Mens Plate
1989 Jose Pineiro Angela Cousins Katie Charles & Richard Green Richard Green & Ian Smith Vivien Smith & Joy Wilson
1990 Stewart Partridge Sally Francis Joy Wilson & Stewart Partridge Mark Aitken & Jose Pineiro Pat Webb & Joy Wilson
1991 Stewart Partridge Carol Fitchett Sue Bodimeade & Stewart Partridge Stewart Partridge & Trevor Russell Sally Francis & Vivien Smith
1992 Len Firth Angela Cousins Sue Bodimeade & Pete Osman Len Firth & Geoff Smith Edith Craig & Vivien Smith
1993 Stewart Partridge Maggie Osman Vivien Smith & Stewart Partridge (unfinished) Sue Bodimeade & Vivien Smith Adrian Bodimeade
1994 Paul Craigen Lucy White Jo Spencer & Pete Osman (unfinished) (unfinished) Alan Moss
1995 Stewart Partridge Jo Spencer Vivien Smith & Stewart Partridge Stewart Partridge & Bryan Procter Angela Cousins & Joy Wilson Ian Smith
1996 Neville Thompson Maggie Osman Sheila Powell & Neville Thompson Angus Clarke & Neville Thompson Maggie Osman & Joy Wilson Geoff Smith
1997 Neville Thompson Sally Francis Gillian Thompson & Mark Mowforth Neville Thompson & John Turner Sue Bodimeade & Vivien Smith John Turner
1998 Alan Moss Karen Hopgood Jo Spencer & John Turner Adrian Noke & Bob Wilson Janet Madden & Vivien Smith Pete Osman
1999 Neville Thompson Janet Madden Janet Madden & Stewart Partridge Adrian Noke & Neville Thompson Karen Bradshaw & Gillian Thompson David Procter
2000 Neville Thompson Karen Hopgood Sally Francis & Mark Mowforth Michael Hutchings & Neville Thompson Karen Bradshaw & Jo Spencer Trevor Russell
2001 Adrian Noke Karen Bradshaw Pernille Cohen & David Procter Bryan Procter & David Procter Karen Bradshaw & Gina Davis Stewart Spindloe
2002 Peter Tarbitten Janet Madden Marion Turner & John Culley Adrian Bodimeade & Adrian Noke Angela Cousins & Janet Madden Trevor Russell
2003 Adrian Noke Ursula Breuer Karen Bradshaw & John Culley Tom Barton & Tom Bradshaw Sue Bodimeade & Karen Bradshaw Ed Wilkinson
2004 Peter Tarbitten Karen Bradshaw Karen Bradshaw & Tom Barton Tom Barton & John Culley Gina Davis & Diana Peck John Culley
2005 Peter Ewing Diana Peck Gillan Dyer & Peter Ewing John Culley & Peter Ewing Karen Bradshaw & Diana Peck Joe Davis
2006 Adrian Noke Diana Peck Paul Dyer & Gina Davis Paul Dyer & Stewart Partridge Unplayed John Culley
2007 Adrian Noke Heather MacAlpine John Culley & Karen Bradshaw Peter Tarbitten & Joe Davies Chris Noke & Heather MacAlpine John Culley
2008 Adrian Noke Heather McAlpine David Smith & Heather MacAlpine John Culley & Malcolm Peck Karen Bradshaw & Heather MacAlpine Mick Evans
2009 Adrian Noke Heather McAlpine Paul Dyer & Jenny Corps Tom Bradshaw & Mick Evans Peta Lloyd & Gina Davis Mick Evans
2010 Adrian Noke Gillian Thompson Tom Bradshaw & Heather McAlpine Adrian Noke & David Smith Gillian Thompson & Jan Lewtas Trevor Russell
2011 Adrian Noke Gillian Thompson Tom Bradshaw & Karen Bradshaw John Culley & Alex Corps Gillian Thompson & Jan Lewtas Mick Evans
2012 Adrian Noke Gina Davis Adrian Noke & Karen Bradshaw Tom Bradshaw & Trevor Russell Gina Davis & Chris Noke Tom Bradshaw
2013 Darren Jones Gina Davis Tom Bradshaw & Gina Davis Michael Evans and Darren Jones Karen Bradshaw & Gillian Thompson Jim Gulliver
2014 Adrian Noke Gina Davis Karen Bradshaw & Adrian Noke Jonny Cornish & Adrian Noke Karen Bradshaw & Chris Noke Jonny Cornish
2015 Darren Jones Charanya Ravi Jan Lewtas & Darren Jones Darren Jones & Steven Bradshaw Karen Bradshaw & Jane Russell Steven Bradshaw
2016 Darren Jones Tracey Waite Gill Thompson & Marcus Garman Paul Haines & Jonny Cornish Jenny Corps & Jan Lewtas Mick Evans
2017 Darren Jones Jackie Simpson Gill Thompson & Tom Bradshaw Tom Bradshaw & Steven Bradshaw Bridget Taylor & Jan Lewtas David Corps
2018 Darren Jones Jackie Simpson John Culley & Jackie Simpson John Culley & David Corps Jackie Simpson & Jenny Corps Trevor Russell
2019 Danny Cornish Charanya Venkatesan-Crome Jim Gulliver & Jackie Simpson John Culley & Paul Haines Not Played Oliver Cornish
2020 Jonny Cornish Katy May Jonny Cornish & Liz Cornish Oliver Cornish & Danny Cornish Jenny Corps & Jan Lewtas Oliver Cornish

Every year two additional cups are awarded:

The Ted Carter Trophy in memory Lynn Carters uncle who was a prominent figure in the village. It is awarded to the most improved player in the club.

The "Classic Player" is awarded to a "senior" player who has contributed to the club either from playing or significant contribution.

Year Classic Player Ted Carter Trophy
1998 Edith Craig
1999 Michael Hutchings
2000 Janet Madden
2001 Bob Wilson
2002 Not awarded
2003 Clive Fewins
2004 Bob Wilson
2005 Lynn Carter
2006 Neil Gordon
2007 Tom Bradshaw
2008 Gillan Dyer David Corps
2009 Paul Dyer Jim Gulliver
2010 Delia Blomley Adrian Hodges
2011 Gina Davis Alex Corps
2012 Adrian Noke Helen Cavendish
2013 David Corps Alex Corps
2014 David Gahan Helen Evans
2015 John Culley David Gahan
2016 Tom Bradshaw Bridget Taylor
2017 Sarah Kitt William Tredwell
2018 George Spalding Helen Evans
2019 Jenny Corps Sarah Kitt
2020 Gill Parry Joe Winkley